Eterm Documentation


The instructions to the right are intended to guide you through the process of getting answers to your Eterm-related questions or resolving unexpected/undesired behavior issues. Please go through the items in numerical order, and do not skip any steps unless they do not apply to your situation. This will enable the most people to get help as quickly as possible while not sacrificing development time for Eterm itself.

Troubleshooting Eterm Problems
  1. Your first source of information should always be the man page. (See to the left for links.) It documents all command-line options and config file parameters. If you are using a CVS version, please use the man page supplied as part of the CVS tree rather than the link on the left.
  2. The ChangeLog is also an extremely valuable source of information. It will often contain more detailed and complete instructions, especially for new or in-progress features. Users of the CVS version are especially encouraged to consult the ChangeLog, but should use the one in CVS instead of the one to the left.
  3. Next, consult the list of Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ). These are common questions asked by users whose answers I have chosen to permanently archive for the benefit of everyone. Please check here in case your question has already been answered.
  4. As many features as possible are configurable at runtime. However, there are several configuration parameters that are impossible or impractical to implement as runtime-configurable. These parameters may be found in src/feature.h or by running ./configure --help.
  5. The more technical details of Eterm, such as escape sequences, may be found in the Technical Reference. This document is not intended for beginning users, but rather for developers and those who already have a basic understanding of terminal emulation.
  6. If you have read all the documentation thoroughly and your question has still not been answered, try the #E channel on FreeNode (irc.freenode.net). Ask nicely, and don't repeat your question.
  7. Questions may also be asked on the Enlightenment Development List. Please join the list before posting to ensure that you will receive the replies to your query; many list members reply to the list rather than the poster.
  8. As a last resort, you may send your question to me. Please realize that I get a lot of e-mail and may not be able to reply right away (or at all).


Copyright ©2001, Michael Jennings.   If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me.