Eterm Screenshots


The screenshots to the right demonstrate some of the many looks and feels of Eterm. There are so many distinct and unique ways to configure Eterm that it's impossible to show them all. The purpose of this page is to show a fair number of significantly unique themes to give you an idea of how truly different a good Eterm theme can make your terminals look.

All screenshots which were contributed by others will be properly credited. The ones that are not attributed are mine, although the themes used in them are not necessarily my own creations. (Especially the really good-looking ones. :-] )

For more Eterm screenshots, check out lynucs.org

The Many Faces of Eterm


This shot shows desktop 0 on my laptop, antigen. You can see part of an ssh session running in the glass-themed Eterm at the bottom-right. I've also got my e-mail in an Eterm using the crux theme, a root shell using the arctic theme, and a regular old shell using Steve's theme. Note that both the glass theme and the crux theme use transparency, but crux darkens the background of the terminal window.


We're now looking at desktop 4, also on antigen. The desktop background is one I made in GIMP. It's a little bright, so I tend to cover it with dark and/or shaded windows. The half-hidden window in the lower right is the smoked glass theme. I've got mpg123 playing some music in the upper right using the solid theme. (Notice that even themes using all colors and no images can still have a variety of appearances.) The big empty window on the left shows the get-E theme.


This shot is a demonstration of the Escreen feature which is new in Eterm 0.9.2. Contributed by Azundris , this feature provides a unique interface between Eterm and the "screen" program which allows seamless manipulation of screen windows and sessions via Eterm buttons and menus. This feature is still experimental and may not work with all versions of screen.


Now we've moved on to my workstation, whitestar. Back to desktop 0 again. There are 4 themes being prominently displayed here. The only one whose name isn't in the titlebar is the top-right window; that's the nIx theme. Also, if you look carefully, you can see the transparent Eterm in the lower left running the logger theme.


This is desktop 1 on whitestar, where I do all my non-VA-specific coding work (such as Eterm and libast). Immediately on top of Emacs is an install of Eterm using the cyrus theme. On top of that you can see two complete Eterm's, one with the BrushedMetal theme and one with the rxvt theme. The shell with the Ganymede theme is partially hidden behind a grip window.


Desktop 2 on whitestar is where I do all my VA-related programming (such as Avalon), run builds of RH-VALE, maintain our internal and external FTP sites, etc. I have 3 ssh sessions going here. The one in the upper left to shakai is using GreyMarble. The bright one in the middle is the MySpiffE theme, and the right-hand one is the SpiffE theme. I also threw the StarEnli theme up there also, and if you look in the lower left corner, you'll see another Eterm sitting invisibly on the desktop running the fetchmail theme.


This shot was contributed by Mike Beresford <beresm at rpi dot edu>. He demonstrates by far the most creative use of Eterm's viewport mode I've ever seen. He set his desktop background to a daytime satellite image of Earth. Then he started up a couple Eterm sessions using viewport mode with another satellite image of Earth, but this time a nighttime image. The result, as you can see, is pretty neat.


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